MCERTS Flow Monitoring

MCERTS Flow Monitoring

MCERTS Flow Monitoring Training Course

Manual Manual
Onsite Available

Duration: 1 day

Price: £450.00 + VAT

Location: CSA Group Office (Hawarden)

Recommended Attendees: Engineers and operators of processes which are regulated under environmental protection legislation and have flow monitoring specifically written into their permit.

Course Description: This course provides an insight into what the site inspector and auditor will be looking for as regards to monitoring flow arrangements and management systems on site.

Available Dates:

7th March 2019
4th July 2019

Some of the subjects included in this course are:

  • Background and Regulatory Framework for the MCERTS Scheme
  • Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR)
  • Introduction to the effluent flow scheme
  • The Inspection Process
  • The role of the MCERTS Inspector
  • Site inspections and case studies
  • Preparing for the inspection
  • Flowmeter survey
  • Measuring a flume & testing the secondary device
  • Top tips for your MCERTS inspection
  • The MCERTS Management System Audit
  • What is an MCERTS Quality Management System?
  • Benefits of operating an MCERTS QMS and why you should comply
  • Key documents overview
  • Management System Requirements: clause by clause and key areas

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