Technical Support

Technical Support

CSA Group offer a range of technical support services, including:

Pre-Certification Support

Product certification is not always a straightforward task. Manufacturers often learn that their products have not passed a certain test, or fall short of the requirements of certain clauses of the relevant standards during a certification project.

This is not to say that the product in question has been designed or manufactured poorly. In the vast majority of cases, the problems occur when the array of compliance issues that need to be considered when certifying a product are not fully appreciated and understood.

In our experience, the way to a successful certification project is through communication. That is why we offer a pre-product certification support service (called “Technical Information Service – TIS”) to manufacturers prior to the initiation of a full certification project.

TIS is a flexible service and is tailored to your needs. It may take the form of in-person, teleconference or video conference meetings or a remote evaluation.

Projects are quoted on an hourly basis, so you only pay for the amount of time that you need. By spending a fixed amount of time and money at the outset, you could save a significant amount of time in the route to compliance as well as making potentially significant overall savings by minimising the risk of test failures and re-assessment during certification.

Laboratory Pre-Compliance Testing

As well as the array of tests we carry out for our product certification projects, CSA Group also has the capabilities to carry out pre-compliance testing, where we test a product to your exact requirements and individual testing needs.

This is useful if you are in the early stages of product design and are still refining your product (and materials), or have a requirement to test the durability and suitability of your product prior to undergoing a full certification project.

Testing this way can save money in the long term, as you can identify any potential design flaws with your product (from a compliance viewpoint) and correct these before going ahead with full certification, saving delays and costly re-tests during the approval project.

Even if you have unique testing requirements (or don’t need product certification to European Directives) CSA Group can still help by constructing test rigs and testing the product to your exact requirements.

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