Safety Mentoring

Safety Mentoring

Many areas of management can benefit from leadership supported mentoring programs. Through sharing learning experiences organisations can fast track and foster improved performance and morale.

Typically, the mentoring programme will involve face to face in-depth conversations to develop Process Safety and Risk Management knowledge. The mentoring programme will span over 6-12 months and will include thorough appraisal, mentoring plans and evaluation.

In context, Major Hazard safety is different to personal safety. Process Safety Management standards are performance based and goal setting, defining twenty key elements of the operation that an organisation needs to get right, e.g. Mechanical Integrity, Risk Assessment, Management of Change, Pre Start-up Safety Review (PSSR), Management of Contractors, Safe Working Practices, Safety Critical Elements Management, Internal Audits, Incident Investigations, etc.

Learn from our ‘hands on’ experience in successfully managing Major Hazardous Installations and Sites and the implementation of Process Safety Management as an integrated system, satisfying the requirements of the ‘COMAH process’ that spans for over a decade.

This approach is also aligned with OSHA’s PSM standard, the CCPS 20 elements and the COMAH regulatory process.

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