Process Safety Workshop

Process Safety Workshop

Process Safety Workshops

What is possible today in creating Process Safety Management that we are fully committed to, and how will we each contribute?

Our team can facilitate or lead a bespoke one day workshop that will ask strategic questions that will assist you in decision making processes and in the development of action plans, which could include:

• How well do we understand the business case for Process Safety Management?
• What will excellence in Process Safety Management look and feel like?
• Are we maintaining a strong sense of vulnerability in our operations?
• When there are warnings how do we react to them?
• What is the best course of action? And what is realistic and necessary for improvement?

CSA Group can design and deliver bespoke Process Safety Workshops to boost your sites safety performance through tangible risk reduction and engage your people in open conversations and pursue real issues through face to face meetings at the workplace (Transformational Leadership).

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