IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence

IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence

IECEx LogoCSA Group has embraced the IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence since its inception in 2010, whereby we issued the world’s first certificate.

We believe that a competent workforce ensures enhanced plant and people safety, and the IECEx scheme allows an individual to provide recognisable and ‘visible’ evidence of his or her competence when working in potentially explosive atmospheres.

As of May 2015, over 800 certificates of Personnel Competence have been issued by the 8 appointed CBs, and these continue to grow as industry adopts the scheme in its competence requirements. CSA Group has issued over 55% of these certificates, and more certificates than all other appointed Certification Bodies combined (ref: www.iecex.com May 2015).

About the Scheme

The IECEx Certification of Personnel Competence Scheme is the world’s first international scheme for the certification of personnel associated with equipment, installations and servicing used by Ex industries.

The scheme provides companies with independent proof that a person holding an IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence has the knowledge and skills necessary to implement the International Ex Standards. This can be especially important for contracting staff.

To obtain an IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence, a candidate prepares an application  and submits it to CSA Group in the UK (which operates the scheme under Sira Certification Service, an appointed IECEx Certification Body for the scheme).

An assessment of qualifications and experience will be conducted, followed by a knowledge test. Candidates who successfully meet the certification criteria will be awarded an IECEx Certificate of Personnel Competence. Regular re-assessment ensures that the certified person maintains their competencies.

IECEx Certificates of Personnel Competence, together with those for certified equipment, service facilities and conformity mark licenses  are available for public view on the IECEx website.

As with all IECEx Certificates, certification is valid across international borders. You can find further information about the IECEx System and its Schemes, as well as rules, operational manuals and procedures at www.iecex.com

The IECEx Personnel Competence Scheme includes 11 Units used to establish a person’s level of competence when working in Ex industries.

A description of the IECEx Scheme for Certification of Personnel Competence for Explosive Atmospheres can be found in our “Assessment Unit” page.

Candidates should familiarise themselves with the IECEx operational documents (some of which are available for download on the links to the right.


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