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MCERTS Bulletins


MCERTS Bulletins

MCERTS Bulletins are provided by CSA Group from time-to-time and provide updates or additional guidance as required. The content of these bulletins may be incorporated into future editions of the Environment Agency standard (Minimum Requirements for the Self Monitoring of Flow). Once incorporated into the Standard, the Bulletin is withdrawn.

A list of “live” Bulletins issued and available to download is below:

Bulletin 6 - Inspection report format
Bulletin 8 - Data treatment/telemetry error
Bulletin 12 - MCERTS Inspectors attendance on-site
Bulletin 14 - Random versus systematic uncertainty
Bulletin 17 - Flow monitoring for EA regulated sites
Bulletin 18 - Sites with multiple discharges
Bulletin 20 - BS 3680 status
Bulletin 22 - MCERTS Code of Conduct
Bulletin 23 - MCERTS certified flowmeters
Bulletin 24 - Flow measurement using the pump running hours methodology
Bulletin 25 - Calculation of Uncertainty of discharge coefficient for flumes
Bulletin 26 - List of abbreviations used in MCERTS site inspection reports
Bulletin 27 - Inspection of AV flowmeters

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