MCERTS Self-Monitoring of Flow

MCERTS Self-Monitoring of Flow

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The Environment Agency requires certain process operators to have their flow-monitoring arrangements independently assessed and certified as conforming to their requirements by CSA Group (under Sira, the MCERTS Certification Body).

EPR regulated sites with a flow monitoring requirement in their permit are required to comply with the MCERTS scheme in order to fulfill their environmental responsibilities.

The MCERTS scheme is described in the following Environment Agency standard:

Minimum Requirements for the Self Monitoring of Flow, v4.0 – Aug 2014

Comprehensive guidance on the management system requirements can be found here:

MCERTS Management System Requirements – Guidance – issue 16, Nov 2018

CSA Group also publishes MCERTS Bulletins which provide further information and guidance.

Achieving Compliance

Compliance is achieved following satisfactory completion of a site inspecition and a management system audit. Once the audit and inspection has been satisfactorily completed, CSA Group (under Sira Certification Service) will issue an MCERTS Inspection Certificate, valid for 5 years.

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