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MCERTS Evidence & Witness Tests


MCERTS Evidence & Witness Tests

For MCERTS product certification, CSA Group (under Sira Certification Service) appoints a Certification Committee who is required to review laboratory and field test data to demonstrate that the product meets the requirements specified in the relevant MCERTS performance standard.

The Certification Committee is usually comprised of; an Environment Agency representative, an independent technical expert and the Certification Manager at CSA Group. The Certification Committee members must be acceptable to both CSA Group and the manufacturer.

In order to evaluate a product, CSA Group and the Certification Committee need to review evidence which demonstrates that the product meets the specifications in the relevant MCERTS performance standard. The evidence submitted must be robust, defendable and accepted by the Certification Committee.

An audit of the manufacturer is conducted by CSA Group according to EN15267-2, prior to certification. This is to ensure the manufacturer can consistently produce products to the same standard, and that appropriate controls are in place.

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