The CASS Scheme

The CASS Scheme

The CASS Scheme

CSA Group (Sira Certification Service) has gained accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to carry out its certification activities in accordance with The CASS Scheme (Conformity Assessment of Safety-related Systems).

cass logoThe Scheme ensures transparency in the certification process and minimises costs for clients, and offers assistance in preparing the necessary technical files. Accreditation by UKAS provides both our customers and their clients with the internationally recognised assurance of the competence of CSA Group personnel and certification processes.

CASS is a certification scheme set up and managed by all those sectors of industry with an interest in accredited certification to IEC 61508. The CASS Scheme provides a rigourous and internationally acceptable structure under which certification of safety related systems can take place. It ensures consistency in the assessment of both products and functional safety management systems and clarifies issues of interpretation with the generic standard.

The scheme is operated through independent third-party certification bodies that are accredited to the European and International accreditation standards for the certification of products and processes.

The Benefits of the CASS Scheme

The CASS methodology has been specifically designed to give the following benefits:
• Reduce costs
• Enhance reputation
• Increase competitiveness
• Demonstrate regulatory compliance
• Procure with confidence
• Reduce time to market
• Enhance market opportunities

Speak to our experts to find out how the CASS methodology could benefit you.

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