61508 Approved Product Certification

61508 Approved Product Certification

IEC 61508 certified products are more likely to extend market penetration and offer the potential of increased sales growth. The benefits of increased hardware and systematic integrity can also be seen in improved product quality – lower returns, field recalls, and improved levels of customer satisfaction.

Both hardware and software functionality is assessed (as relevant to the product) to evaluate the product’s suitability for SIL-rated applications and to certify the product or system’s safety-related parameters.

CSA Group’s product certification to IEC 61508 is suitable for all products that are intended for use in safety-related applications. Products include sensors, instrumentation, logic solvers, and final elements, used in a variety of industries such as the process, nuclear, rail, machinery and even domestic equipment sectors.

Our Approved Product certificates bear the UKAS accreditation mark, which is recognised internationally.

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