Non-Electrical Equipment Risk Assessment

Non-Electrical Equipment Risk Assessment

One of the key requirements of DSEAR for the management of safety is to ensure that risks are assessed and actions taken on the outcome of the risk assessments. This includes the ignition assessment of non-electrical equipment in flammable atmospheres, to ensure that current practices are acceptable, and highlight if any outstanding or corrective actions need to be undertaken.

The objective is to assess items of existing non-electrical equipment and develop risk assessments for each item of equipment in its given location, typically using the appropriate sections of EN 13463 as a guide, as well as area classification reports and drawings.

The method of retrospective risk assessment involves the following:

•A check on site layout, plant inventory & area classification drawings to ensure they are up-to-date
•Developing a generic analysis of each different type of non-electrical equipment by breaking down the plant into smaller areas that will be convenient for an assessment (e.g. Bearings, Seals, Gearboxes, valves etc)
•Checking each item against the generic analysis and defining anything else that needs to be considered
•A physical site check of each item in situ against the generic risk assessment
•Identification of any areas of particular concern

The information should be retained in a report that may be used to improve areas of concern.

New Non-electrical Equipment

All new non-electrical equipment should be marked as ATEX compliant (however if it is to be assembled on site by the end user, they would effectively become ‘the manufacturer’ and be responsible for the overall ignition hazard assessment of the installation).

How we help

Retrospective ignition hazard assessments need not be a daunting prospect if the correct approach is adopted. CSA Group offers a flexible approach to retrospective risk assessments, either by carrying out independent assessments against the relevant standards, offering relevant training or project managing your in-house DSEAR team to complete the work.

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