Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Part of the DSEAR regulations is to ensure the correct installation, maintenance, inspection and repair of equipment within the designated hazardous area zones.

IEC 60079-14 is the standard used to ensure correct installation of equipment, which must be conducted by competent personnel.

Inspection and Maintenance of electrical equipment (against IEC 60079-17) typically occurs once the site has been classified.

The inspection should record the equipment reference, the hazardous area zone in which it is situated and its certification. It should highlight any areas of concern and propose appropriate corrective action.

There are 2 types of Inspection:

Initial – It is necessary to check that the selected type of protection is appropriate for the hazardous area installation.

Periodic – This is routine inspection and applies to existing installations. It is used to monitor the effects of deterioration or change. The intervals between periodic inspections should not exceed three years.

Furthermore, there are 3 grades of Inspection: Visual, Close and Detailed.

Visual and close inspections do not require any equipment to be isolated, or any enclosures opened. A visual and close inspection may lead to the need for a detailed inspection.

Repair of equipment is likely to happen from time to time, and IEC 60079-19 is the standard that should be referenced to ensure proper repair of equipment.

The Result

A well-managed process will enable you to ensure that only the correct equipment is used in the relevant zones, and that all equipment is performing correctly, without the need for any regular repair. Appropriate corrective action can only be taken if an inspection programme is implemented, analysed and acted upon.

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