DSEAR ‘Healthcheck’ (gap analysis)

DSEAR ‘Healthcheck’ (gap analysis)

The DSEAR “deadline” came into force in July 2006. Since then, it has not only been a requirement for a site with potentially explosive atmospheres to be compliant with the regulations, but also to continue to maintain compliance and update records and site policies as appropriate.

Our DSEAR “healthcheck” (gap analysis) service is a method of identifying and establishing the overall compliance status of a site as it stands today. It identifies issues which are being dealt with in compliance of DSEAR and, more importantly, highlight what is required to maintain compliance with DSEAR.

The Gap Analysis, which is primarily aimed at senior management and technical engineers, offers a cost-effective way to understand and receive guidance on how much work needs to be done to achieve/maintain DSEAR compliance, enabling a compliance strategy or action plan to be developed.

How it Works

A member of our DSEAR team will spend a day on-site, meeting with your in-house DSEAR team, checking area classification drawings and conducting a ‘site-walk’, assessing your site against HSE guidance and industry specific codes of practice.

During this time our engineer will be able to grasp what is required in order to demonstrate full compliance to DSEAR.

We will write our findings and recommendations in a report, which will highlight the timescales of achieving compliance, enabling you to develop a strategy for this work or a foundation for further work to be conducted with our help.

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